Deviant DOCK

Deviant DOCK is a full-featured launcher, it aims to organize your favourite shortcut icons and of course you can also change animation effect, extra themes, icons or even position of dock. Changing settings of Deviant Dock is very simple process. Additionally, you can use your own theme for this dock too.
Deviant Dock provides two docks by default. Initially rectangluar shaped dock is called "Docky" and the other circle shaped dock is "Ringy". When the software starts for first time, it enables both dock with some default icons. But, you can choose one or both of them too. To choose dock:
1. Right click on Deviant Dock notify icon () from taskbar.
2. Select Restore icon from menu.
3. Choose Add or Remove between "Docky" and "Ringy"
In Docky you can add shortcut icon two different way. By using drag and drop or manually.
1. For drag and drop: Just create the shortcut of executable (*.exe) file and drop into the Docky.
2. For adding launcher manually:

* Right click on Docky.
* Select "Add -> File" or "Add -> Path" from menu.
* A dialog box will appear. Choose launcher title, target path and icon.
* Click Save button.
* .Net Framework. had fully tested and uploaded the install files, Deviant DOCK does not contain any adware or spyware, the latest version is 1.0, you can download this software (10.68 MB) from special server of