Mouse Speed Switcher v2.0.2

DOWNLOAD: Mouse Speed Switcher v2.0.2 | 1.40 MB

Easily and quickly Switch your mouse settings !
Do you wish the speed of an external Mouse different than touchpad speed ?
Mouse Speed Switcher allows you to quickly and easily switch 3 sets of mouse settings. This is ideal for laptop users that switch between using the touchpad and an external mouse, but want a different pointer speed/sensitivity for each device.
Starting from v2.0 Mouse Speed Switcher can also switch setting automatically as soon as you move the mouse.
Simply connect to the computer all your devices (mouse/touchpad) and configure the program with your preferred settings, then Mouse Speed Switcher will automatically apply the appropriate setting when one of the configured mouses is moved.

Mouse.Speed.Switcher.v2.0.2-NOY- Jun 30th, 2011!