Pengen tampilan desktop yang unik? Anda bisa menggunakan Software Water desktop, dengan software ini tampilan dekstop anda akan tampil layaknya kolam dengan adanya riak-riak air. Berikut keterangannya:

Many kinds of special effects that you have never seen on you desktop. The program will bring you closer to the nature. Water wave, raindrop falling, fish swimming and so on. Your windows desktop will get a new life. Living Sound Effect
The real rain and thunder melt you into the nature.
Powerful ability of interaction. When your mouse pointer glides over the desktop, the surface will ripple as a bird swim along. You can change the wallpaper with a hotkey ('space key' or 'page up' or 'page down' or 'mouse wheel') manually. When you right-click desktop and select 'Rain' menu item, rain will be start or stop. Over 30 kinds of wallpaper transition. For very longer and wider than your desktop and high-quality picture, Water Desktop has its particular display mode that you travel the whole picture according to original picture size. Of course, Water Desktop can change the wallpaper at a regular interval according to your configuration automatically
The Simplest and Wieldiest Desktop Tool. Extremely easy to use the program and show the beautiful wallpaper. No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary! Get Free Wallpaper
We offer a set of beautiful wallpapers for the user of Water Desktop every week.

Works on Windows 2003/2000/XP/98/ME.


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